ATM Usage Terms and Conditions



[General provisions]

  1. These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions) specify the rules of making cash payments with the use of an ATM aiming at exchanging FIAT currency into FuturoCoin or Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  2. The owner of the ATM is the FuturoCoin OÜ Service Provider, address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Löötsa tn 5, 11415, Estonia registered under the number 14540332, with share capital of EUR 2500 (hereinafter referred to the Service Provider),
  3. The Service Provider declares that it has all necessary permits to carry out business activity connected with trading cryptocurrencies in accordance with Estonian law.
  4. Terms and Conditions specify the conditions of sharing and performing the Service of making cash deposits of FIAT in order to purchase Cryptocurrency selected by the User and have it recognized in the User’s Wallet.


  1. Service ProviderFuturoCoin OÜ, address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Löötsa tn 5, 11415, Estonia, registered under the number 14540332, with share capital of EUR 2500.
  2. ATM – a device owned by the Service Provider with the use of which the User can carry out Transactions.
  3. User – a natural person of at least 18 years of age, a legal person (i.e. an organizational unit that has been awarded legal personality based on the provisions of law of the User’s country of origin) or an organizational unit without legal personality with legal capacity (a right to be a subject of laws and obligations) awarded by the provisions of law of the country of origin, conducting on its behalf and at its own risk a business or professional activity in accordance with the provisions of law of the country of residence.
  4. Service – a service provided by the Service Provider, within which the User carries out a Transaction by making a cash payment deposit to the ATM, and the amount of Cryptocurrency purchased by the User is transferred to the Wallet address they indicated.
  5. Transaction – the purchase of Cryptocurrency by the User with the use of FIAT currency in accordance with the Cryptocurrency purchase rate listed on the CoinDeal Exchange at the moment of accepting the purchase conditions.
  6. FIAT Currency – a monetary unit applicable for a given country, constituting a trade settlement means for making payments, recognized in international transactions, i.e. euro, złoty, or American dollar.
  7. Cryptocurrency – virtual currency of FuturoCoin or Bitcoin.
  8. Wallet – User’s electronic wallet, necessary to store Cryptocurrencies.
  9. Complaint – a piece of information provided to the Service Provider by the User on irregularities in providing anticipated Services, due to the fact that they are not being provided or are being provided against the provisions of Terms and Conditions.


  1. The Service Provider provides the User with the ability to use the ATM in order to carry out the Transaction, after the completion of which the purchased amount of the Cryptocurrency is transferred to the Wallet address indicated by the User.
  2. In order to use the Service, the User shall have an active Wallet, with the use of which they can generate QR codes.
  3. The User declares that at once, they are not allowed to buy Cryptocurrency for the amount of FIAT currency greater than PLN 10,000 or its equivalent in euros or American dollars as per the current market exchange rate.

[User’s Obligations]

  1. The User shall immediately inform the Service Provider about all found irregularities in the provision of Services by sending an e-mail at .
  2. To use the Service and make Transactions, the User shall provide an active Wallet address.
  3. The User shall observe all provisions of the Terms and Conditions as well as the provisions of law.
  4. The User, determined to purchase an ATM device – is obliged to provide the Service Provider with a legal title to the premises where, after its purchase, the ATM device will be located.

[Transaction methods]

  1. In order to start a Transaction, the User has to choose a language in which they will use the Service. The User chooses the language by selecting a flag on the ATM screen that symbolizes a country in which the official language is English, Polish, or Chinese.
  2. Next, on the ATM’s screen, the User chooses a Cryptocurrency which they want to purchase: FuturoCoin or BitCoin.
  3. Then, on the ATM’s screen, the User selects the “KUPUJ” [BUY] option, and if they want to give up the Transaction at that time, they select “WRÓĆ” [RETURN].
  4. Next, the User chooses the FIAT currency for which they intend to buy Cryptocurrency. The Transaction can be carried out in the following FIAT currencies: euro, złoty, or American dollar. The FIAT currency to be deposited into the ATM shall be chosen by selecting a proper three-letter code symbolizing the given currency on the ATM’s screen.
  5. With the use of the camera located at the front of the ATM, the User scans the QR code of the generated Wallet to which the Cryptocurrency shall be transferred. Then, a message informing about the entered Wallet address appears on the ATM’s screen.
  6. After verifying whether the entered Wallet address is correct, the User deposits a selected number of banknotes in the previously selected FIAT currency to the ATM.
  7. The ATM converts the deposited amount in the FIAT currency into the Cryptocurrency selected by the User with the use of the exchange rate as per Coindeal exchange at the time of performing the Transaction. The amount of the deposited FIAT currency, the amount of purchased Cryptocurrency, and the amount of Service Provider’s commission shall be visible on the ATM screen above the Wallet address entered with the use of a QR code.
  8. In order to complete the Transaction, the User selects the “KUPUJ” [BUY] button on the ATM screen.
  9. Then, the ATM screen displays a message confirming that the Transaction has been completed, and the User receives a receipt with the Transaction number provided by the Service Provider, the time of Transaction, the amount of the deposited FIAT currency, the amount of purchased Cryptocurrency, and the Transaction exchange rate.
  10. After completing the Transaction, the Service Provider sends the purchased amount of Cryptocurrency to the determined Wallet address.


  1. The User has the right to file a Complaint if the Service provided for in Terms and Conditions fails to be executed or is executed against the provisions hereof.
  2. Complaints shall be sent at the Service Provider’s e-mail address ( or reported by calling at +48 600 737 976.
  3. When filing a Complaint, the User shall provide the Service Provider with the following information: Transactions date and time, amount, and the Wallet address to which Cryptocurrency was supposed to be transferred.
  4. After filing a Complaint by phone, User shall send a confirmation of having reported the Complaint at The above-mentioned confirmation shall include the following information: Transaction date and time, amount, and the Wallet address to which Cryptocurrencies were supposed to be transferred.
  5. After receiving a Complaint, the Service Provider shall determine the Transaction and error status.
  6. A correctly filed Complaint shall be handled within 48 hours from confirming that it has been accepted for handling by the Service Provider.
  7. The Service Provider reserves the right to refrain from addressing a Complaint which is clearly unjustified, in particular to the extent in which the Complaint has previously been handled in relation to a given subject.
  8. A deadline determined in § 6 (6) can be extended if handling the complaint requires special information or there are other difficulties beyond the Service Provider’s control, or if it is necessary to obtain additional information from the User. Time spent by the User to provide additional information each time extends the time for handling a Complaint.

[Service Provider’s liability]

  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages which can be suffered by the User for their fault, resulting from providing erroneous, incorrect, fake data, in particular Wallet data, when using the Service.
  2. The Service Provider shall not have civil liability for third party’s unauthorized access to data provided to the Service Provider by the User (e.g. as a result of hacking the database).

[Charges related to providing the Service]

For a performed Service, the Service Provider charges 3% of the value of the carried out Transaction determined in FIAT currency.

[Refusal to provide Services]

The Service Provider can refuse to provide a service in case of violating the provisions hereof by the User or when the obligation to refuse it results from separate provisions of applicable law. Each refusal, and, if possible, its reasons and the procedure of correcting errors that lead to such refusal, shall be notified by the Service Provider to the User within the shortest possible time, unless such a notification is not permitted based on separate provisions.

[Final provisions]

  1. These Terms and Conditions are the regulations mentioned in Article 8 of the act on rendering electronic services.
  2. Changes and complements hereto shall be made in writing.
  3. The User shall be informed about changes hereto by Service Provider posting a suitable message referring to the list of changes to terms and conditions on a website at This information shall remain posted for at least 30 days.
  4. In case any provision hereof is invalid, the Terms and Conditions as a whole shall remain effective.