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Affordable fees

Affordable fees

We try to keep ATMs fees low and affordable for everyone. With a fee of only 3% you will be able to buy your FTO or BTC swiftly and efficiently.

Vast limits

Vast limits

We care about the safety of your funds and our network. That’s why ATMs have limits when it comes to the maximum amount of transaction. However, these limits are huge: 10.000 PLN!

Swift transactions

Swift transactions

ATMs work really fast. Your transaction will be done in no time. It’s not a premium version of any kind. For us - this should be a standard everywhere!


How to use the ATM?


Click the FTO icon then choose the „Buy” option and pick the currency that you would like to pay with in order to buy FTO.


Take your unique QR code from your digital wallet meant for cryptocurrencies and present it to the machine’s camera.


Put the banknotes into the machine - after that the screen will show you the amount of FTO units that you might buy at a current rate for the amount of money you have inserted.


After accepting the transaction FTO units will be sent to your digital wallet, you can also take the receipt from the machine.


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What’s up?

05 Feb 2019

New currency for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

FuturoCoin unveiled as official sponsor Partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in first-ever F1 cryptocurrency sponsorship.

05 Feb 2019

Another Q&A With FuturoCoin’s CEO behind us!

Have you ever wondered how the future of FuturoCoin will look? Now you can find out what our CEO thinks about this!

18 Jan 2019

FuturoCoin: the stable growth

The end of the last year was tough for the cryptocurrency industry. The sad part is that the recession is still progressing. However, FuturoCoin has caught a second wind and is starting to grow. Soon, we will celebrate the first anniversary of our coin. As it turns out, it’s possible that we will cherish that […]

17 Jan 2019

FuturoCoin enters the 10th exchange!

We are more than happy to announce that we joined another cryptocurrency exchange. From now on, you can trade FTO with South Korean won (KRW) on Coinchel Cubes. We wanted to finish the first year of our activity on a high note. We entered DFEX, a Malaysian crypto exchange. Now, we are also enlisted on […]

15 Jan 2019

Q&A with Paulina Woźniak – Get To Know FuturoCoin!

Do you want to know more about FuturoCoin and get engaged in the community? We know just the way to do it. Recently, we have started a series of Q&A live streams, in which people involved with FuturoCoin answer your questions. Find out what we were talking about in the first stream!

15 Jan 2019

FuturoCoin Academy

Education is the key to success! The cryptocurrency industry isn’t an easy topic. For someone whose life isn’t connected with IT or finances, it may be a hard nut to crack. But one is certain; information is the key to success.

11 Jan 2019

FTO Available On Another Exchange!

FTO, despite being only one year old, is taking the crypto market by storm. It enters one exchange after another and soon it will available on 10 exchanges across the world. At the beginning of the second week of January, 2019 – FuturoCoin will be available to purchase on Malaysian DFEX.

11 Jan 2019

Paper Wallet – the old fashion way to collect your money

We cannot tell you that you should not trust new technologies. Of course you should. However, you should be cautious and take care of your assets’ safety. One of the best methods to do that is using our Paper Wallet. Analog is the new black. It really is. You can also store your FuturoCoins in […]

04 Jan 2019

Safety means everything – 4 tips to secure your crypto assets

For cryptocurrency beginners a new world may have some threats. Not everyone knows how to make his/her virtual assets safe. Today, we present 4 simple tips to keep your crypto secured.

04 Jan 2019

Lightweight Wallet for your problems!

Every cryptocurrency investor wants to deposit his/her assets in a safe and secure place. What if we told you, that such a place exists and it won’t take much space on your computer? Try our Light Wallet! Crypto assets require a place to store them. This place is called a digital wallet. We’ve decided to […]

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