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What is this?

Affordable fees

Affordable fees

We try to keep ATMs fees low and affordable for everyone. With a fee of only 3% you will be able to buy your FTO or BTC swiftly and efficiently.

Vast limits

Vast limits

We care about the safety of your funds and our network. That’s why ATMs have limits when it comes to the maximum amount of transaction. However, these limits are huge: 1 000 EURO

Swift transactions

Swift transactions

ATMs work really fast. Your transaction will be done in no time. It’s not a premium version of any kind. For us - this should be a standard everywhere!


How to use the ATM?


Click the FTO icon then choose the „Buy” option and pick the currency that you would like to pay with in order to buy FTO.


Take your unique QR code from your digital wallet meant for cryptocurrencies and present it to the machine’s camera.


Put the banknotes into the machine - after that the screen will show you the amount of FTO units that you might buy at a current rate for the amount of money you have inserted.


After accepting the transaction FTO units will be sent to your digital wallet, you can also take the receipt from the machine.


Change as you need


Data according to Coindeal in real time


What’s up?

09 Apr 2020

What exactly is halving? FTO news!

FTO’s hard fork consists of two elements — setting up masternodes along with the reduction of supply. What does supply reduction mean? Every cryptocurrency has limited resources. The more production increases, the more the price of goods decreases, but cryptocurrency as a carrier of value can grow. It’s a lot more stable than the situation […]

09 Apr 2020

FuturoCoin Hard Fork on the march!

The long-awaited FuturoCoin hard fork is coming soon! Let’s remind what it is and what its effects may be. Briefly about hard forks Cryptocurrency hard fork is a blockchain fork. It appears when it cannot be determined which of the two mined blocks is dominant. The answer comes with the next mined blocks. The longer […]

17 Feb 2020

New Year’s Innovations: Overcoming the Scalability Trilemma

2020 is becoming a promising year for new blockchain platform innovations. The advancement of blockchain cloud services to more significant decentralization efforts is only the beginning. That said, the blockchain community has struggled with solving the Scalability Trilemma from the inception of blockchain. It is precisely this issue that stops blockchain’s mass adoption.  A lot […]

10 Feb 2020

The Advancing Global Blockchain-as-a-Service Market

90% of treasury and finance professionals surveyed by TD Bank view blockchain as a positive new payment platform. According to Zion Market Research, the Global blockchain-as-a-service market is set to be a $USD 30.59 billion market by 2024. BaaS is a bridge between blockchain technology and cloud-based services. BaaS provides an ecosystem where blockchain applications […]

10 Feb 2020

Interoperability – Observations from Early 2020

FuturoCoin provides a decentralized blockchain platform capable of adjusting to the omnipresent interoperability and centralized issues. This article analyses the current state of interoperability providing some insight into what awaits in the exciting near future. 2020 marks the 12th year of Blockchain as a peer to peer ledger. Since its inception, blockchain has seen a […]

16 Jan 2020

Investing in Masternodes – profitability, rewards

There are several ways to generate money on the cryptocurrency market, eg. investing in Masternodes. Masternodes become more and more popular. What are they and what are their benefits? Masternodes are servers used to store blockchains. Clearly, they differ from the ordinary nodes – you need the right amount of coins, depending on the cryptocurrency, […]

16 Jan 2020

Cryptocurrency mining and its operating principles

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of production. It would be best if you had the right equipment for it, which is slightly expensive. Is it profitable to mine cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency mining is a process performed by miners, where a complex mathematical problem is solved. A new coin joins every node in the cryptocurrency network. Importantly, […]

10 Dec 2019

What is tail emission and what is it for?

Every miner needs an incentive to mine coins. The fast and dynamic dimension of the block means that transaction fees are getting smaller as a result of competition between miners. If mining profitability drops due to low pay and high costs – miners will have no reason to continue to mine coins. It will directly […]

29 Nov 2019

Masternodes pool – what does it mean?

The cryptocurrency world connects with blockchain technology and its network, which consists of nodes storing information. Every computer is a knot with an installed program that encodes, checks data, and solves problems. So, what is a masternodes pool? What is a masternodes pool? Masternode is a node that can support the network. It can also […]

27 Nov 2019

Halving for cryptocurrency – what does it mean?

FTO’s hard fork consists of two occurrences – setting masternodes and supply reduction. What does it mean to supply reduction? Every cryptocurrency has limited resources. The more production increases, the more price of goods decrease, but cryptocurrency as a carrier of value can grow. Check out, what means halving for cryptocurrency. Even BitCoin – one […]

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